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TasteGo revolutionizes group ordering, streamlining operations & enhancing your customer relationships with our easy-to-use app. Open a new source of revenue and keep 100% of the profits from deliveries.

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Being a restaurateur is tough enough without the extra bureaucracy of fulfilling orders manually. We know it first hand. That is why we have built TasteGo that transforms how restaurants manage group orders. We bring all your clients, orders, menus, and payments under one app so you can focus on making great food.

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Register TasteGo account and open your first Spot

A Spot is simply a collective food pickup point.
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Create a dedicated menu and delivery slots

You don't have to limit yourself to the restaurant menu.
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Invite existing customers and promote the Spot to nearby businesses

We will give you all the necessary tools and share our know-how.
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Monitor and manage orders in real time

And enjoy a new source of revenue.
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For restaurateurs

by restaurateurs

Sell your products through partner stores and see new orders magically come in. All while keeping the same customer experience and without extra marketing or operational costs.

Direct Payments

You decide on preferred payment methods. Money always goes directly to you.

Full Control

You have full control over your business. You can change the menu, delivery windows and prices any time.

Sales Support

You will receive access to materials, and know-how on how to develop a group meal offer.

No Hidden Fees and Commissions

We don't take any commissions. You only pay a fixed monthly fee, and the first spot is always free.
200 PLN/m
Next payment due 21 days
Plan Monthly
Change The Plan

Simple Management

TasteGo automatically generates reports for the manager, kitchen, and delivery. With us, you save time and money.
Number of clients
vs Last Month
Number of orders in the spot
vs Last Month

Direct Customer Relationships

We automate tasks, not connections. You always have direct contact with customers and can migrate if you find us unworthy (that hasn’t happened as yet).


0 PLN/mc*

Sous Chef

1 location
1000 deliveries per month
Always Free
200 PLN/mc*

Head Chef

Up to 5 locations
Unlimited deliveries
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Executive Chef

Unlimited locations
Unlimited deliveries
*20% discount for annual subscriptions

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The application opens your business to new sales channels and fully automates the already established group orders. With TasteGo, you don't have to worry about bureaucracy, taking orders, accounting, generating reports, and handling cash. You decide on the delivery location and time. Meanwhile, customers receive meals at affordable prices without delivery costs. Lower costs for customers and build higher sales.

Simply download our app and try it out completely for free. First delivery spot is always free. Once you are ready to expand to other delivery locations, you can choose one of several subscription packages and enjoy additional profits.

TasteGo jest wyłącznie narzędziem z We only charge a low monthly subscription fee. We do not take a commission on sales and do not hold payments for orders. TasteGo gives your business unlimited sales opportunities without incurring unnecessary costs.niską opłatą miesięczną subskrypcji. Nie pobieramy prowizji od sprzedaży i nie przetrzymujemy płatności za zamówienia. Takie rozwiązanie daje Twojej firmie nieograniczone możliwości sprzedaży bez ponoszenia zbędnych kosztów.

The setup is exceptionally fast and you can configure your admin panel and menu by yourself in less than an hour. 

Yes. You have complete control over your TasteGo program. You decide how and when deliveries are organized and what menu you introduce to the app. Your location or locations will be visible to all users. The low subscription fee covers full access to the program and its features. You do not pay a commission and are not dependent on the high fees prevalent in the market.

Yes. You can configure the program for multiple delivery locations.

Yes. With one account, you can manage multiple restaurants, setting different menus, delivery time slots and requirements in each.

Orders are delivered to a location designated in the app by the establishment. Each order is properly marked and has its own pickup code, which customers show upon receipt. Often the pickup location is a company, where a precise spot for leaving the meals is designated, and customers themselves distribute the meals among themselves. Thanks to online payment for orders, the process is 100% cashless. Confirmations and invoices are also sent automatically.

Payments in our app are accepted through a payment system of your choice. Money is always transferred directly to your account. 

We are happy to help you with any doubts and answer all your questions. Write to us at


Payments in our app are accepted through a payment system of your choice. Money is always transferred directly to your account. 

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